Classical Artwork for KDE
"A sculpture is a man-made three-dimensional object intended for special recognition as art."
[from Wikipedia]


This site is dedicated to Skulpture, a GUI style addon for KDE programs. It features classical, three-dimensional artwork, along with other features not found in other styles.

[Preview Skulpture]
KDE Desktop with Skulpture style

The name Skulpture has been choosen with these design principles in mind:
  • Skulpture has a classical look
    Flat gradients are used to oppose the current trend of shiny or "glassy" buttons used in other styles, giving it a conventional classical look that can stand the whole KDE 4 lifetime, if not longer.

  • Skulpture is three-dimensional
    Light and shadow effects are applied to generate the impression of a three-dimensional user interface, with elements raised out of (and sunken into) the window surface.
[Preview Skulpture style]
Three-dimensional appearance
  • Skulpture is real artwork
    Giving it a photo-realistic (antialiased) appearance, pixel-perfect alignment and spacing between user interface elements, this style has been created to please users eyes.


The current stable version of Skulpture is 0.2.4, released on 08-Feb-2010. You can freely download it from the KDE store:

Please do not forget to give feedback: add a comment to the KDE store page or just send a mail to the author (address below).

Other versions can be downloaded here:

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11-Nov-2008  Skulpture RSS feed moved to WordPress
Skulpture related news are now hosted on WordPress site. Find out all about Skulpture on http://wordpress.com/tag/skulpture/, read my computer/KDE related blog at http://kdepepo.wordpress.com/ or my private blog at http://wirEskalieren.de/blog/8 (in german).

[Preview new Skulpture checkbox artwork]
New Skulpture CheckBox/RadioButton artwork

Contact Author

IRC: kdepepo on freenode, channel #kde

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